All our menu and take away menus

Dish of the Day 9,00€

Pineapple and Prawns Salad, Raspberry Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Grilled Goat Cheese 13,50€

Salad of Blue Duck Ham and Mandarins with Citrus Vinaigrette 12.50 €

Plate of 100% Bellota de Jabugo Iberian Ham and Tomato Bread (4 pcs.) 23€

Large Reserve beef jerky from Astorga, Manchego Slices and Tomato Bread 16€

Galician Cheese Board with Walnuts, Bread Sticks and Our Homemade Jams 14,50€

Viana Artisan Sausages and Pickles Platter and Bread Sticks (Pepperoni, Chorizo and Cured Sirloin Steak) 11€

Grilled Artichokes with Cockles in Green Sauce 13,50 €

Galician octopus 19€

Grilled Octopus with Fried Cachelo and Paprika Ali-Oli 19,50 €

Fried Potera Squid with Peppers, Potato Chips and Cracked Eggs 14.00€

Trio of Croquettes (Steer, Iberian Ham and Baby Squid in its own ink) with Chips 12€

Crispy Prawns with Ponzu Mayonnaise 11,50€

Grilled scallops 14€

Togarashi Candied Iberian Por Toasts, Goat Cheese and Smoked Products (Salmon and Cod) with Guacamole 14.00 €

Soupy Seafood Rice 19€/pax (Por encargo)

Rice with Lobster 32€/ pax (Por encargo)

Rice with Vegetables 16€/pax (Por encargo)

Fresh Tagliatelle Sauteed with King Prawns, Mushrooms and Green Pesto 14€

Lomo Baked Desalted Icelandic Cod Jumbo Loin with Sliced Potatoes 20,50€

Trunk of Hake of Spike to the Galician 22€

Skewer of Fried Hake Scallops with Squid, Potato Chips and Broken Eggs 22.50€

Galician Bovine Entrecôte with Roasted Peppers and Fries 21€

Beef Tenderloin with Foie on Cachelo Cream, Port Caramel and Bittersweet Figs 23.50€

Chuleta de Vaca Madurada con Patatas y Pimientos de Padrón (peso aprox. 1 kg) para 2 personas 55.00 €/kg

Paletilla de Lechazo Confitada 24 h y Asada al Momento, Patatas Asadas y Ensalada de Hojas 25.50€

Galician Beef Burger, Goat Cheese, Cured Meat and Onion Covered with Caramel with Barbacue Sauce and Chips 14.00 €

Iberian Burger: Iberian Ham, Manchego Cheese y Ancient Mustard 12.50 €

Tetilla Cheese and Our Quince Jelly 5.50 €

Dulce de Leche Coulant with Chestnut Ice Cream 6.00€

Thin Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream 6.00€

Cream Stuffed Fried Canes 6.50€

Our Brownie on Pomace Cream and Cheese Ice Cream 6.00 €

Fresh Pineapple Carpaccio with Coconut Ice Cream 6,00 €

Cava Sorbet (Tangerine, Lemon, Raspberry flavours) 5.50€

Marcona Almond Tiles, Yoghurt Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate 6.50 €

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